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Phone Number - 9176 229 777
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The Basics of the Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Guide

(Weight reduction or body fat burn)


  • 1) Basics of weight reduction
  • 2) Food list – What foods do I use in the fat reduction phase?
  • 3) Food supplement / supplement list – Which supplements do I use before and / or after the training?
  • 4) Basic training in weight loss
  • 1) Grundlagen der Gewichtsreduktion

The truth!

I have to disappoint you, because the so-often-advertised “best diet” unfortunately does not exist in real life because every person has different requirements. The goal in my nutritional guide is that you deal with the topic of “nutrition”, together with my help and free according to the motto “learningbydoing“.

Important for you

Nutrition is the most important part of the diet, with about 70%, whether you can achieve your goal or not. Overall, the diet has a significant share of the weight loss. One must also say that you will not necessarily reduce your weight through fitness training. So read everything thoroughly and also do it!

Your aim:

The goal of your nutritional plan is to speed up your metabolism, maintain your strength, and prevent the breakdown of valuable muscle tissue. For this reason, you should take your meals evenly throughout the day at a distance of about 3-4 hours to you.

For your understanding, a meal does not always mean that you have to cook, but protein hops, raw food or nuts can also be taken as a meal if you do not have enough time to cook.
The water requirement during your plan is 3-6 liters per day. If you do not like to drink water, you can also go back to unsweetened green tea and / or fennel tea or freshly squeezed juices.

Your nutrient composition (protein / carbohydrate / fat) 😕

The nutrient composition in your diet (your daily requirement):

  • 2 – 3 g protein / day per kg of body weight
  • 0.5-1 g carbohydrates / day per kg body weight
  • 1-1.5 g fat / day / per kg body weight

example calculation:

Name: Julia

Age: 24 years

Weight: 70 kg

Protein per day: 2g or 3g of protein 70kg = 140-210g

Carbohydrates per day: 0.5g or 1g carbohydrates x 70kg = 35-70g

Fat per day: 1g or 1.5g fat x 70kg = 70-105g

->This is Julia’s daily requirement!

What are proteins / carbohydrates / fats / liquid?

Protein / protein

In your diet, check the intake of high quality protein sources such as:

  • mageres Fleisch(Hähnchen, Pute, Rind)
  • Fisch(Thunfisch, Lachs, Forelle)
  • Magerquark
  • Hühnereier
  • Tofu
  • Proteinpulver(Whey Isolat, Casein)

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